ARK: Survival Evolved is an Early Access Alpha PvP-Survival Shooter multiplayer game built with the famous Unreal Engine 4. Take control of the development of every primeval creature that lives on the island with a Nitrado hosted prepaid Game Server. Like every good game, ARK: Survival Evolved also offers a built in crafting system. The game itself feels like a mixture of Minecraft and Rust, with a Sci-Fi like Jurassic Park storyline.

The player starts as a castaway human of their chosen sex on a beach of unknown origin. The epic struggle to farm resources and hunt is about to begin. The game’s world is a dangerous place. The player has to mind their body’s temperature and exhaustion level, as both can have deadly consequences if not properly taken care of. A good approach to cover vast distances is to tame wild dinosaurs and use them as mounts. A Nitrado hosted Game Server lets you play as a team and civilize the world by using mounts and technology.

The integrated leveling system ensures long-term motivation to keep going. By gaining experience, the character’s stats increase, new recipes are learned, further increasing the methods of survival.